February 2015 eNews | Health Canada Proposed Labeling Regulations


ESHA Database & Software Program Updates 

Earlier this month we released updates to both the Genesis R&D and Food Processor programs. If you did not get a copy of the update, please contact the Sales department.

Nutrition Database Updates

  • Food names have been updated for a more intuitive search functionality.
  • The latest USDA database (SR-27) has been added.
  • Data for 97 restaurants and manufacturers has been added and/or updated.
  • Discontinued foods have been eliminated from the database.

Genesis R&D Updates

EU Label
Users can now create European Union compliant labels with the new EU Nutrition Information Label software module. Please contact the sales department for pricing.

Canadian Nutrient Content Claims
With this release, we have overhauled the nutrient content claims for the Canadian Nutrition Facts Label software module for more intuitive usage.

Allergen Statements
Users with either the Canadian and/or European label module now have the ability to add and track allergen statements.

The Food Processor Updates
The majority of this update was database additions and minor bug fixes.

Health Canada Proposed Labeling Regulations

Health Canada recently reviewed the food label and has proposed a variety of changes to the format of the nutrition facts panel and to the nutrient declarations therein. The two most significant format changes are:

  1. A more prominent display of Calories.
  2. A revised grouping of nutrients into two sections (those to limit and those to get enough of).

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Menu Labeling Nutrition Services

The long-looming menu labeling regulations have finally been announced, and you may now be wondering where to start when it comes to compliance for your restaurant.

These six questions can help you identify the experts to help guide you through the menu labeling process.
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Q: How can I find a list of Recipes which contain a particular Ingredient?
A: We call this “Where Used Search” or sometimes “Item Search” in the Genesis and Food Processor programs.

  1. Click “File > Open > Recipe”
  2. Press the “More” button.
  3. Type in the name of the ingredient you are searching for and check the box to “Search within items for matches to the above criteria.” Then press “Search.”
  4. The results will show all recipes that use the ingredient you are looking for.

Click here for more detailed instructions.

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