Trustwell Launches Next Generation of its Gold-Standard Nutrition Analysis & Food Labeling Software, Genesis Foods

Genesis Foods simplifies product formulation and nutrition labeling backed by an unrivaled food and ingredient nutrition database  

Salem, OR (PRWEB) APRIL 5, 2023 – Trustwell, a leading SaaS provider to the food and supplements industries, has announced the launch of the next generation platform of its flagship product, Genesis Foods. The new SaaS product introduces a streamlined user interface that offers fast and intuitive product formulation and data entry while assisting users with regulatory compliance by offering built-in data checks and alerts. With this innovative solution, Trustwell continues to revolutionize the food industry by making it easier for businesses to meet regulatory requirements and increase efficiency as they bring new products to market. 

Trustwell will host a launch event on April 25, 2023, at 3 PM ET to showcase the new functionality. Please visit the Launch Event page to register for the event. 

Genesis Foods automates the process of labeling calculations, ensuring that all nutritional information, ingredients, and allergens are correctly displayed on FDA Nutrition Facts labels. In addition to simplifying food labeling, Trustwell’s software makes it easy for food companies to create new product formulations within minutes as well as make real-time updates to their existing recipes. 

“We’re thrilled to be launching the next generation of Genesis Foods. Our team has worked tirelessly to develop a product that meets the needs of food companies across the industry, from small food start-ups to large food manufacturers and corporate retailers,” said Stephen Bruce, CEO of Trustwell. “For businesses that are struggling with the complexity and time-consuming nature of food labeling and recipe management, Genesis Foods is a game-changer.”  

While basic food labeling software can develop simple nutrition labels, Genesis Foods is backed by Trustwell’s one-of-a-kind proprietary food and ingredient data set. The database contains over 90,000 ingredients, recipes, raw materials, additives, flavorings, and food items as well as over 170 different macronutrients and components, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. With access to this quality ingredient and sub-ingredient data, food manufacturers can calculate the nutrient content of their products with precision ensuring that their products meet regulatory requirements for label nutrients and provide consumers with accurate and comprehensive nutritional information. 

To promote regulatory compliance and minimize the risk of errors or omissions, Genesis Foods features allergen alerts that prompt users to review all ingredient allergens before an ingredient can be approved. This ensures that all allergen information is thoroughly reviewed and considered before the product is released, helping to promote consumer safety and regulatory compliance. 

“Undeclared allergens were the leading cause for recalls in 2021, making up nearly 45 percent of all food recalls,” said Bruce. “Genesis Foods helps companies reduce their exposure to these highly disruptive recall events.”  

To see Genesis Foods in action, please request a demo here:  

Genesis Foods is part of the Trustwell Connect platform, the most comprehensive, data-driven software solution enabling product formulation, nutritional labeling, supply chain compliance, quality management, automated recall and traceability – all on a single platform built exclusively for the food industry.  

Through its Genesis and FoodLogiQ products, Trustwell Connect enables companies to:  

  • Increase Speed to Market for Product Development: With Genesis Foods and Genesis Supplements, increase speed to market without sacrificing safety and transparency. Create recipes and formulas by leveraging Trustwell’s rich ingredient database, adding user-generated ingredients, or modifying existing user-created ingredients. Save recipes and ingredients for use in other formulations and reformulate while immediately seeing the impact on the nutrient analysis and labels.   
  • Create Regulatory-Compliant Nutrition Labels: Based on your product formulation, Genesis Foods can then generate Nutrition Facts labels in real time that conform to regulatory guidelines. The software automatically creates ingredient statements, allergen statements, and nutrient content claims for products.  
  • Increase Supply Chain Compliance: FoodLogiQ Compliance is the supplier engagement platform built just for the food supply chain. The product empowers food companies to efficiently manage suppliers, locations, and products and monitor the data and documentation needed for a safe and transparent supply chain.   
  • Improve Quality Monitoring: Food companies can also capture quality issues and CAPAs anywhere in the supply chain, report them in real-time and recoup the costs of nonconforming products.  
  • Comply with Mounting Traceability Requirements: With FoodLogiQ Traceability, food companies can capture critical tracking events of their products at the batch-lot level to achieve traceability and FSMA 204 Compliance. When an issue occurs, run an investigation to better understand where your product is within your supply chain.  And connect that data into your ERP for real-time inventory management.  
  • Address Recalls Faster: And when an issue arises, there’s FoodLogiQ Recall. Initiate a recall or stock withdrawal across all your locations simultaneously using email, phone, and text. Monitor responses and completion actions through a live dashboard as the recall unfolds in real-time via the Command Center.   

About Trustwell 

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