Free Nutrition Labeling & Compliance Webinars Available

Free Nutrition Labeling & Compliance Webinars Available

Salem, OR – This summer and fall ESHA Research is offering a series of nutrition labeling & compliance webinars designed to help food product manufacturers navigate the often complicated world of nutrition label creation and government compliance.

Each webinar, led by an in-house expert, will focus on a different aspect of using Genesis R&D software for labeling and compliance.

The webinars generally run 30 minutes and are free to anyone who registers. All registrants will receive a copy of the recorded webinar.


  • The July 7 webinar focuses on creating ingredient statements, allergen statements, and nutrient content claims.
  • The August 4 webinar covers the creation of Nutrition Facts tables compliant with Health Canada rules.
  • The September 15 webinar discusses advanced U.S. labels including Aggregate and Dual Declaration formats.
  • The October 20 webinar illustrates how to use Genesis to create European Union compliant Nutrition Facts labels.

For more information and to register for the webinars, visit:

About ESHA Research

ESHA Research, founded in 1981, offers a variety of nutritional analysis and label development solutions to ensure regulatory compliance. Our software programs and databases have been used all over the world, by food manufacturers, educational facilities, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and other industry institutions for nutrient analysis, labeling, product development, and more. In addition, ESHA Research offers software and regulatory compliance consulting and label-generation services.

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