ESHA Research Partners With USDA’s MyPlate

ESHA Research Partners With USDA’s MyPlate

SALEM, Ore. — ESHA Research, the leading supplier of nutritional software and databases, has been approved as a National Strategic Partner for the USDA MyPlate communications effort.

MyPlate strives to get consumers to think about building a healthy plate at meal times. The MyPlate food guidance system divides foods into five groups (fruit, vegetable, protein, grain, and dairy) according to nutrient content, and offers meal plans that show how much food from each group to eat for optimal health. There are many resources available on the website to help individuals meet nutrient and caloric needs and make positive eating choices.

ESHA software products incorporate the MyPlate dietary recommendations, allowing users to evaluate dietary intakes and recipes. Dietary intakes recorded in Food Processor report the number of servings eaten from each food group, and compare that to the number of servings recommended. A colorful summary report is available to help teach clients these basic principles of good nutrition. Food manufactures find the MyPlate food groups useful in Genesis R&D for reporting food group assignments in recipe formulations. These can be reported on product packaging to show how the product fits into the food group system.

“Over 45,000 foods in the ESHA database have been assigned MyPlate food group values,” said Craig Bennett, CEO of ESHA Research. “This information helps users quickly analyze their dietary intake and compare it to the MyPlate recommendations.”

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