ESHA Research Announces Partnership with FindTheBest

ESHA Research Announces Partnership with FindTheBest

SALEM, Ore. — ESHA Research, the leading provider of nutrition analysis software and databases, today announced a strategic partnership with FindTheBest to provide nutrition information for FindTheBest’s health information site,

Using the data found in ESHA’s robust nutrition database, the team was able to create an in-depth comparison platform for more than 30,000 food items and ingredients. The team has created three nutritional composite scores, which measure protein quality, micronutrient density, and satiety to help users understand their options and easily identify the best foods for any food group, brand, etc.

ESHA’s food and nutrient database is composed of more than 56,000 food items, with data from over 1,700 reputable sources. The data sources include the latest USDA Standard Reference database, manufacturer’s data, restaurant data, and data from literature sources. Unlike crowd-sourced nutrition data found in many consumer applications, ESHA’s data is thoroughly researched and run through a rigorous quality-control process before entered into the database.

Companies looking to build an application around quality nutrition data can license the ESHA database in order to save time and money on development.

About ESHA Research

ESHA Research, founded in 1981, offers a variety of nutritional analysis and label development solutions to ensure regulatory compliance. Our software programs and databases have been used all over the world, by food manufacturers, educational facilities, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and other industry institutions for nutrient analysis, labeling, product development, and more. In addition, ESHA Research offers software and regulatory compliance consulting and label-generation services.

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About FindTheBest

FindTheBest, founded in 2009, is a technology company focused on collecting and interpreting data. For consumers, FindTheBest operates a number of trusted data-driven research websites, spanning real estate ( to health information ( and more. For content creators, the company offers several solutions for improving audience engagement with embeddable, interactive data visuals.