Database Submission

Food & Nutrition Database

Database Submission

Thank you for your interest in submitting additional nutrition data to ESHA’s nutritional database. The Nutrition Department is responsible for creating and maintaining the extensive database, incorporating new nutrient recommendations into the program, and a host of other objectives. Each submission will be considered. Accepted submissions will be vetted for accuracy before being integrated into the database.

You can submit data in a number of ways:

  1. For a single item, e-mail the supplier data sheet or product Nutrition Facts information to Word, Excel, pdf, image files, and other electronic forms are acceptable.
  2. For multiple products, provide a supplier data sheet or Nutrition Facts information for each item, or contact for a data submission form.
  3. Provide your own electronic form, e.g. spreadsheet(s) with the necessary information. Please refer to the list below for the fields that we need.
  4. Send a link to your company website that provides current product information. If data-sheet access requires a login, please provide us with the necessary permissions.

For questions, please contact the Nutrition Department by phone at 503-585-6242 ext. 5 or by email at

Nutrition Information

The complete list below is not required, but the more information provided, the more complete and useful the information will be to database users. Mandatory information is designated with an asterisk. Include zeroes where applicable.

Product Food Name*
Product Brand Name*
Serving Size Gram Weight (Including Liquids)*
Volume Measure if Appropriate (e.g. 1 cup weighs ___ grams)
Gram Weight of Reported Nutrient Components (e.g. per 100g or per serving weight)*
Moisture Content (grams)
Calories* (calories)
Fat (grams)*
Saturated Fat (grams)
Trans Fat (grams)
Cholesterol (milligrams)
Sodium (milligrams)
Carbohydrate (grams)*
Dietary Fiber (grams)
Total Sugars (grams)
Added Sugars (grams)
Protein (grams)*
Vitamin D (micrograms)
Calcium (milligrams)
Iron (milligrams)
Potassium (milligrams)
Vitamin A (IU)
Vitamin A (RAE)
Vitamin C (milligrams)
Ingredient Statement
Kosher Information
Additional Information: vitamins, minerals, other components, alcohol, caffeine, glycemic index.