Genesis R&D Food 11.7 Update Overview


Genesis R&D Food 11.7 Update Overview

Software program: Genesis R&D Foods

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Genesis R&D Food version 11.7 was released in June 2019. The update includes subtle UI differences, database additions and updates, new DRIs for sodium and potassium, and an important feature to help you track bioengineered (BE) material (and other food characteristics) to comply with the new BE labeling law as well as voluntary claims or declarations. We also updated Canadian labels with dimensions stated in Health Canada’s Compendium.


An attribute is any property of a food item you want to track for any reason. Most likely, you will use Attributes to make the required BE declarations or voluntary declarations (vegan, gluten-free, etc.) easier to track at the Ingredients and Recipe (and therefore Label) levels. See this blog for detailed instructions on using the Attributes feature.

Canadian Labels

All Canadian labels are created with default dimensions that match Health Canada’s Compendium of Templates for Nutrition Facts Tables.  Dimensions appear on the label screen to give you reference.

UI Changes

  • The Attributes button has been added to the Recipe ribbon
  • Preferences is now labeled My Preferences
  • Alternate Name and Alternate Text are now Ingredient Statement Name and Sub-ingredients.
  • More Search has been renamed as “Advanced Search.”
  • The nutrient sets (Nutrients to View) have been renamed.

New Daily Reference Intakes (DRIs)

The latest DRIs were recently released for sodium and potassium, and the new values will be in this update. DRIs in Genesis R&D are used for comparing recipes totals to standards for a specific age group and do not affect the nutrition labels. (Reminder: Nutrition labels use %DV values.)

See the updated DRI table here.


The ESHA Database continues to grow with new foods and ingredients added from suppliers, manufacturers, and restaurants.  Also, thousands of foods have been updated with the current nutrient data. Dietary Fiber ingredients that align with the latest FDA guidance have been updated with appropriate Dietary Fiber data.