Visit ESHA Research at NWFPA 2019

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Visit ESHA Research at NWFBA 2019 Booth #1955

At this year’s NWFPA show, ESHA Research will be showcasing the Genesis R&D Food Formulation & Labeling Software. The Genesis R&D Food program allows users to easily create government-compliant Nutrition Facts panels, virtually formulate foods, analyze the nutritional content of your recipes, and adjust ingredients over and over without sending your formula to the lab each time you make a change. And, Genesis helps you conform to the ever-changing government regulations.

ESHA Research, founded in 1981, offers a variety of nutritional analysis and label development solutions to assist with product development and ensure regulatory compliance. Our software programs and databases have been used all over the world, by food and supplement manufacturers, educational facilities, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and other industry institutions for nutrient analysis, labeling, product development, and more!

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