Nutrition Analysis Attributions

Nutrition Analysis Attributions

If the nutrition analysis or reports generated by Genesis R&D, Food Processor, FoodProdigy, or any other ESHA product, are for public or published commercial purposes (e.g., books, brochures or web pages summarizing the nutritional content) the Licensee will include ESHA’s Copyright and Trademark notification in the “About” section of the website or other similar acknowledgment section of the published material. Licensee shall not otherwise use ESHA’s name or trademarks without ESHA’s prior written consent.

For online use

  • “Powered by the ESHA Research Nutrient Database, ©(year) ESHA Research, Inc.” or
  • “Powered by ESHA Research ©(year) ESHA Research, Inc.” or
  • “Powered by ESHA Nutrient Data,  ©(year) ESHA Research, Inc.” or
  • Approved images (to use, right-click and select “Save Image As”)


For use in printed materials

Use the proper software or databases attribution:

  • “Nutritional analysis from Food Processor® Nutrition and Fitness Software (version), ©(year) ESHA Research, Inc.”
  • “Nutritional analysis from Genesis® R&D Products Development and Labeling Software (version), ©(year) ESHA Research, Inc.”
  •  “Powered by the ESHA Research Nutrient Database, ©(year) ESHA Research, Inc.

You may also use one of these vector-based pdf images: