September 2019 eNews | Genesis R&D Supplements Update Coming Soon


Coming soon! Genesis R&D Supplements Version 1.6

The next release of Genesis R&D Supplements will be available in October. This version will include an additional method of calculating overage and a new Attachments feature that will allow users to attach and store documents to Ingredients and Formulas for auditing. In addition, users will have the option to import a database of existing supplement ingredients and components, with their nutrition breakdowns. Watch your email.

Coconut Industry says Coconuts aren’t a Top Allergen

The Coconut Coalition of the Americans (CCA) has started a campaign to get coconuts removed from the FDA’s list of major allergens, those that must be declared on a label if present in a food item. According to the CCA, coconuts are not tree nuts and the FDA is remiss in labeling them as such. Read the press release here.

Tutorial | Creating a Per Serving, Per Container Dual Column Nutrition Label

This tutorial will show you how to use the Label Settings to create a Dual Column Nutrition Facts label for packages that contain between 2 and 3 servings.

Tutorial | Creating an As Packaged, As Prepared Dual Column Nutrition Label

This tutorial will show you how to generate a Dual Column Nutrition Facts that includes both “as packaged” (required) and “as prepared” (voluntary) data.

Nov. 5-7 Training | Genesis R&D Foods Professional and/or Advanced

Attend one of our upcoming training sessions and learn how to get the most out of Genesis R&D. Choose from the 2-day Professional session, the 1-day Advanced session or a combined 3-day intensive training. This training takes place in our Chicago-area training center.

Dec. 4-5 Training | Genesis R&D Foods Professional + Menu Label

This Miami training session covers ingredient creation and recipe/menu building, best practices, and analysis reporting specific to restaurants, grocery stores, and those who have to comply with the FDA’s Menu Labeling regulations.

Q: In Genesis R&D, what is the Dietary Fiber 2016 nutrient field used for?

A: The value entered in the Dietary Fiber 2016 nutrient field is used to populate the Dietary Fiber value on the U.S. 2016 label. To correctly report this value, you must first determine if the fiber in your food is beneficial based on the FDA’s 2016 definition for Dietary Fiber. View the Dietary Fiber webinar here.

Webinar | Top User Questions about Genesis R&D Food

This Q&A style webinar is designed specifically for our Genesis R&D Food software users and will cover the most common inquiries we receive about working with the software. We will also address questions you submit at registration (be sure to drop them in the form below) and, if we have time, answer any that come up during the live session. Register here.

Webinar | Menu Labeling Practical Applications and Best Practices in Genesis R&D

During this webinar, we will walk you through using the Menu Label Module to evaluate and display calories and nutrition content for your menu items. We will also discuss best practices for meeting the regulatory requirements. Register here.

Tradeshow | SupplySide West

BOOTH #3437

Join us in Las Vegas where we will be showcasing the features of Genesis R&D Supplements Formulation & Labeling Software, including any new updates. Request meeting.

Tradeshow | FNCE

BOOTH #832

At this year’s FNCE show, we will be discussing the relationship between Food Processor Diet Analysis & Fitness Tracking software and a successful dietitian practice. Request meeting.