May 2017 eNews | Genesis R&D Supplements 1.2 | TraceGains Partnership



Genesis R&D Supplements 1.2 Release
The latest update of Genesis R&D Supplement Formulation & Labeling software, version 1.2, has incorporated several new features and functions including enhanced label editing functions, improved formula-creation capabilities, updated data sharing, and more. Learn more.

ESHA & TraceGains Announce Strategic Partnership
Earlier this month, ESHA Research and TraceGains announced a new strategic partnership to support the food industry with supplier data management. Continue Reading.

Software Tips

Exporting Nutrition Facts Labels as Vector Files
Nearly all graphic designers prefer to work with vector images when the images are illustrations or line drawings.

Learn How:

Case Study

Case Study: Overcoming Labeling Challenges with the Genesis API
When Wegmans was looking for a way to easily add accurate nutrition information to their scale labels, they turned to a familiar family of nutrition analysis solutions – Genesis R&D Product Development and Labeling Software. Armed with the new Genesis API, Wegmans was able to streamline their process and offer customers the data they requested. Download Now.


Q: How does ESHA implement FDA’s Guidance for Industry Documents into ESHA software?

A: We often receive questions regarding how ESHA implements recommendations for compliance from the FDA’s Guidance for Industry documents into our software solutions. There’s no hard and fast answer to this other than: carefully.

Click here to read our latest blog post that covers how we regard and use both types of guidance documents that the FDA publishes.