June 2019 eNews | Genesis F&D Food Update Available!


Genesis R&D Foods Version 11.7 is Now Available!

This important Genesis R&D Foods update includes an all-new Attributes feature to help you track Recipe and Ingredient characteristics, such as bioengineered (BE) material (which will help with compliance for the soon-to-be mandatory BE labeling laws) and other properties. We’ve also made some user-interface changes, configured the Canadian Labels to align with the latest compendium and added or updated thousands of database items. For a detailed overview of this update, read our blog, or watch our webinar.

We’ve redesigned our Software Tutorial Pages

We’ve taken each product’s tutorials and organized them into sections so you can learn by topic and more easily find what you need. Check it out in Genesis R&D Foods, Genesis R&D Supplements and Food Processor.

Genesis R&D Foods Combined (Professional + Advanced) Training

Choose from either the Professional or Advanced training, or combine them for a 3-day intensive learning session. Depending on which options you choose, you will be covering anything from the basics to advanced labeling and using the PDCAAS. All sessions include a discussion of current regulations. SPACE IS LIMITED! RESERVE YOUR SEAT TODAY!

Using the new Attributes feature in Genesis R&D to track BE material

Labeling of bioengineered material will be mandatory in 2020 and you can get a head start with our Attributes feature. Learn how Genesis tracks BE and other properties at the Ingredient and Recipes levels. Read our blog now!

Searching Tips for Food Processor and Genesis R&D Foods

Because the databases for these programs are so extensive, there are many built-in search options to help you refine your results. Read the blog here.

How do I label Added Sugars and Total Sugars if the single-ingredient product I’m selling (maple syrup) is considered by the FDA to be an added sugar?

The FDA’s final guidance on this matter, published in June 2019, clarified that for single-ingredient sugars (which includes syrups), the Added Sugars line, listed below the Total Sugars, will show only the %DV and not the “Added Sugars” text. Furthermore, there is a dagger symbol after the %DV referring consumers to an Added Sugars footnote, which says “One serving adds Xg of sugar to your diet and represents X% of the Daily Value for Added Sugars.”

For more information on Added Sugars, please see this article.

Recorded Webinar: Using Recipe Yields and Moisture Adjustments

Did you miss this webinar? Sometimes you need to adjust your Recipe for moisture lost during cooking. Learn how and when to do that from our experts.

Upcoming Webinar: July 17, 2019 | 2016 Nutrition Labeling Guidelines Review

Join us as we look at the different 2016 label formats and discuss the definition and calculation of Dietary Fiber, newly required nutrients, the 2016 Daily Values, rounding options, the nutrient calculator, and more. Register here.

Upcoming Webinar: July 31, 2019 | Working with Proprietary Blends in Genesis R&D Supplements

Genesis R&D Supplements offers supplement formulators the ability to create proprietary blends, and then incorporate them into final formulations. Join us as we explore this process using the Genesis R&D Supplements program. Register now.