July 2019 eNews | FDA Final Guidance on Single-Ingredient Sugar Products


The FDA released the latest guidance on the labeling of single-ingredient sugar products

FDA released a final guidance document to clarify how to display Added Sugars on the Nutrition Facts panel for single-ingredient sugar products, such as table sugar, honey, maple syrup, etc. The agency did so to clear up ambiguity from the Farm Bill’s requirement that said single-ingredient sugar products do not have to say “Includes Xg Added Sugars.” We have incorporated that change into Genesis R&D and you can read more about the update here.

How-to: Displaying Added Sugars on your Label for Single-Ingredient Sugar Products

The new regulations (see Industry News section above) have been published and we’re ready. Genesis R&D has the tools to correctly display Added Sugars for your single-ingredient sugar products. Read the blog here.

Using ESHA Security

Protecting your data by assigning access rights is easy to do with ESHA Security. This blog will walk you through the steps for setting up users, groups and access. Read the blog here.

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How do I enter french symbols like accents on letters like à, é when entering the serving size?

When working with text fields, like the label serving size field, in Genesis R&D you can either copy and paste special characters or you can type special characters like letters with accents or other formatting by using Alt+codes. For instance, é is entered by holding the Alt key on your keyboard while typing 0233.

Here is a list of useful codes for various characters.

Upcoming Webinar: July 31 | Working with Proprietary Blends in Genesis R&D Supplements

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Upcoming Webinar: Aug. 14  | Calculating PDCAAS to display %DV Protein

Join us in this webinar as we learn what the PDCAAS of a food is, how to calculate that value and how to use it to display %DV protein on a Nutrition Facts label. Register here.

Webinar Recording: 2016 Nutrition Labeling Guidelines Review

Did you miss this webinar?

We talked about using Genesis R&D for compliance and discussed the different 2016 label formats, the definition and calculation of Dietary Fiber, newly required nutrients such as Added Sugars and Potassium, the 2016 Daily Values, rounding options, the nutrient calculator, and more. View it here.