April 2018 eNews | Genesis R&D Supplements 1.4


Software Update: Genesis R&D Supplements 1.4

This release of Genesis R&D Supplements incorporates many exciting new features including percent organics tracking, ordering of promoted components, ability to show inactive components in blends, and more. Continue reading.

Training Sessions: Genesis R&D + Menu Label 

The upcoming Professional + Menu Label training session is May 23-24 and will cover not only the basics of using Genesis R&D, but also explore two new features to help restaurants comply with the new regulations: Calorie Ranges and Composite Ingredients. Register today.

Recorded Webinar: Converting Your Labels from 1990 to 2016 Regulations

This webinar provides a detailed summary of the changes and discusses how the Genesis R&D Food Formulation & Labeling software solution from ESHA can ease the transition process. Watch the recording.


Q: Can I list nutrients in alphabetical order?

A: Yes! By modifying your Nutrients to View list, you can order the nutrient list by category or by alphabetical order. Additionally, you can modify existing lists or create new lists to only show the nutrients you want to see. Continue reading.