April 2016 eNews | Do I Need a Nutrition Facts Label on My Product?



Webinar: Preparing for an FDA Nutrition Label Audit

Whether you are new to Genesis R&D Food Formulation & Labeling Software, evaluating the program, or are a power-user, you won’t want to miss this webinar. We will go over best practices for using Genesis to create FDA compliant nutrition facts labels.
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The Nutritional Facts Panel Regs Have Yet to Be Announced. Now What?

It seems as if the entire food manufacturing industry is holding it’s breath waiting to hear from the FDA on when the new labeling regulations will be finalized, and what, exactly, those regulations will entail. In the meantime, here are four topics worth considering.
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Do I Need a Nutrition Facts Label on My Product?

Do you need a Nutrition Facts Label on your product? Is it in a package and sold to consumers? Then, yes. To be on the safe side, we recommend that you label your products. But, there are a few specific cases where you might be exempt.
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Q: Can I save a label for different serving sizes for the same easy recall without having to edit recipe?
A: Yes, you can do this using the Advanced Label feature in Genesis.
With Advanced Labels, you can create many labels from one recipe. For example, I have a recipe for “chocolate bites”. I may sell those chocolate bites in a single serving package, or bulk (say 2lb) package, or in Canada, US, and Mexico. Each of those have different needs for a NFP, but all stem from the same Recipe. In this example, you can create the original Recipe, and even the most common label needed as the NFP on that Recipe. Then, you can create as many Advanced Labels as you wish from that core Recipe.
Watch this tutorial to learn more: Creating Multiple Advanced Nutrition Facts Labels in Genesis R&D.