How to Use the Audit Trail Feature in Genesis R&D Food

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How to Use the Audit Trail Feature in Genesis R&D Food

The Audit Trail feature in Genesis R&D records and reports changes made to Ingredients, Recipes, Food Menus, and Advanced Labels.  This is especially helpful in the record-keeping of formulations and labels in the software.

Enabling the Audit Trail

The Audit Trail is disabled by default and can be enabled by your system administrator within the Database Utility. (The Database Utility program assists the server administrator in setting up and maintaining the database and database files for your ESHA nutrition software.)

To enable the Audit Trail

  1. Make sure all users are logged out of Genesis R&D.
  2. Open the Database Utility.
  3. Go to Users>Enable Audit Trail.
  4. Check Enable Audit Trail.
  5. Once enabled, Genesis R&D users can log back in.

If you do not see the Database Utility, click here for further instructions.

Using the Audit Trail

The Audit Trail shows a list of changes made to a Recipe, Ingredient, and other records, such as when they were made, who made them and, if applicable, user-added comments.

Each time a user saves a Recipe or Ingredient after making a change, the Audit Trail dialog box will appear. Users then have the opportunity to document what changes were made.

Viewing the Audit Trail

You can view the Audit Trail history of an Ingredient, Recipe, or other records by opening the record and either clicking the Audit Trail icon in the Ribbon OR navigate to Edit then select the Audits tab.

There you can view the history of changes including who made the changes, the date/time, and any comments that were made.

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