ESHA: Dedicating Past, Present, and Future to You

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wine2Since ESHA’s inception 30 years ago, we have ceaselessly set the standard for nutrition database and software excellence by providing the most accurate and meticulously researched nutrient information on the market. Our first program, The Food Processor nutrition and fitness software, was released in 1984, with the Genesis product development and labeling software following in 1991.

Whether it’s a quality manager or a food scientist, a student researcher or an independent chef, a dietitian or a consultant, from Fortune 100 companies to individuals, anyone working in the field of nutrition analysis knows that you can’t rely on spreadsheets and hand calculations to do your work.

To reach your goal with the most efficiency and accuracy, the proper tool must be utilized. For nutrition analysts, that tool is a single software solution with a comprehensive and quality controlled database of nutritional components. If you’re still searching for the best food analysis program, take a hint from the world’s leading food industries and place your trust in ESHA!

At ESHA, we offer software solutions to help you with all aspects of your job: recipe development, nutrition analysis, create nutrition labels, compliance, data management, diet tracking, product formulation, and more. We save your time and your money, while giving you the confidence of assured quality and compliance.

We support customers in over 100 countries, spread over fields as diverse as restaurant, health, education, medical research, food service and manufacturing. Our products are specialized and designed for professional organizations that require a wide range of capabilities – from formulation to final product.

For decades, we’ve built on the success of these applications to bring users increasingly more valuable tools. Our promise is to continue investing in new products and services as leaders in the industry. With dedication, humor, curiosity and talented team, ESHA plans to earn the confidence and loyalty of customers, for many decades to come.

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