No more SuperTracker. What now?

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No more SuperTracker. What now?

As of June 30, 2018, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has discontinued SuperTracker, its popular online diet, exercise, and menu analysis tool. Now nutrition professionals and students are scrambling to find a replacement.

We have an alternative available: ESHATrak.

ESHATrak is our easy-to-use diet and fitness web app developed specifically for universities and nutrition educators.

Like SuperTracker, ESHATrak offers nutrient intake recommendations based on personal data (height, weight, sex, age, and activity level), and returns real-time dietary analysis based on current DRIs.

It works like this:

  1. Your students create a unique user profile and log their meals and activities.
  2. Various reports assess nutrient intake, calories burned, and so forth.

Although ESHATrak comes with an extensive recipe and ingredient database, clients can enter their own foods, too.

In addition, you have some interface and feature customization options. Essentially, you can use it to create your own version of a SuperTracker replacement.

The full application includes:

  • Meal and activity logging and tracking
  • Nutrient recommendations and comparative dietary analysis for up to 46 nutrients
  • A food database with 70,000+ ingredients and recipes, plus unlimited user-ingredient creation
  • 933 activities and exercises with MET scores used to calculate Caloric expenditure
  • MyPlate values
  • A variety of reports

These screenshots are examples of what the basic program looks like:

Personal Profile

Food Search

Food Entry


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