FDA Menu Labeling Final Guidance Published

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The final guidance for industry on Menu Labeling was published in the Federal Register on May 5, 2016.
[vr]The original compliance date was set for May 5, 2017. However, on May 1, 2017, the FDA announced an extension to the Menu Labeling Compliance Date, which is now set for May 7, 2018.[/vr]

Are there any changes to the guidance?

Sort of. While much of the information has not changed from the draft guidance issued in September 2015, the final guidance responds to many questions that the agency has received and provides new examples and clarity on topics such as covered establishments, mobile vendors, record keeping requirements, and alcohol.
Menu Labeling in RestaurantsOur Menu Labeling eBook is a great resource for customers looking to navigate these regulations. In the eBook we provide a condensed overview of:

  • What is considered a “Covered Establishment” (and what isn’t)
  • What is considered “Restaurant-Type Food” (and what isn’t)
  • What nutrition information is required
  • How restaurants are required to display the nutrition information
  • How to analyze menus for nutrition information

Menu Labeling Resources: