How-To: Using Food Processor's Menu Plan Module

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How-To: Using Food Processor's Menu Plan Module

Food Processor’s Menu Plan add-on lets you create menus of available food options (“Days”) that you can tailor to the needs of the community you serve (university students, hospital patients, nursing home residents, etc.). You can then develop weekly (or monthly, bi-monthly, etc.) menu plans (“Cycles”) from the Days.

This blog will discuss the general workflow and there are tutorials linked at the end that go into more detail.

Populate your Food Pick List and create Day 1

When you create a new Menu Plan, you will see a blank Food Pick List and a blank Day 1. At this point, you have two options: (a) Set up the full menu of all available food items by populating the Food Pick List first or (b) start adding foods to Day 1, which will populate the Food Pick List, too.

To populate your Food Pick List first

  1. Right-click and select Add Item.
  2. Search for and add an Ingredients and/or Recipes to be used to create your menus.
  3. Organize food by Meal and/or Collection (Beverages, Breads, etc.).
  4. When you have finished, double-click on an individual food, a meal or a collection to add it to Day 1.

To populate Day 1 

  1. Search for and add Ingredients and/or Recipes using the Search box like you would for any Intake. This method will add foods to both Day 1 and the Food Pick List.
  2. Add the remaining foods to the Food Pick List using the method above or add them automatically when you create different Days.Add the remaining foods to the Food Pick List

Add other Days

  1. Create Day 2.
  2. Choose foods from the Food Pick List or search for and enter additional Ingredients and Recipes. Remember, any Ingredients or Recipes you enter will be automatically added to the Food Pick List.
  3. Do this for as many Days as necessary.

Create a Cycle

  1. Create a new Cycle,
  2. Add Days to the Cycle from the Day Pick List. A Cycle can be as many Days as needed and you can repeat Days within a Cycle. Note: You can change the names of the Days inside your Cycle for more clarity. The example below shows Day 2 renamed as “Monday” and “Tuesday.”
    Add Days to the Cycle from the Day Pick List

View the nutritional breakdown

  1. Click on a report — these look and act like Recipe and Intake reports — to see the nutrient analysis of your Menu Plan.
  2. Choose to either view the analysis for the currently selected Day or for an entire Cycle.
    See the nutrient analysis of your Menu Plan

If you need additional instruction, this series of short tutorials goes into more detail.

Menu Plan Tutorial Series

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