FDA Extends Menu Labeling Deadline...

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but your customers and competitors may not wait

The deadline to comply with the menu labeling rules has been postponed to December 2016, so if you haven’t renovated your menus and menu boards, don’t fret, there’s still plenty of time.
Sort of.
There is still a lot for you to do. You have to analyze your food items for calories and the other required nutrients. You have to redesign your menu boards and menus to accommodate the changes. And you have to make sure your printer gets the changes back to you in a timely manner.
Here’s the good news: The Food Menu and Food Menu report in Genesis R&D were designed specifically with you in mind.
It’s a simple process. The basics are:

  1. Enter your recipes into Genesis.
  2. Add any Recipes or individual Ingredients to a Food Menu, where you can collect like items in Categories (example: “Drinks”) and optionally enter prices.
  3. Generate a Food Menu report. It will show the government-mandated nutrients, characteristics, price, comments or ingredients you want to display. You can prompt the program to show other nutrients, as well as additional properties such as allergens or ingredient statements, or characteristics such as “gluten free.”
  4. Give your report to the graphics people so they can add the required calorie information to the menus and menu boards.
  5. Print the report with the full list of required nutrients to have on hand for customers who request the additional information. (You may want your graphics department to touch this up some, too.)

If you’ve already been using Genesis, which you probably have if you’re reading this blog, it’s a matter of assigning your existing Recipes to the Food Menu, organizing them and generating the Food Menu Report.
If not, well, once you get Genesis, your job is a little more time-consuming. You’re going to have to enter your Recipes into the program and go from there. It’s not hard, but it will take longer.
But, here’s some even better news: We have many restaurant menu labeling solutions available including our consulting services department that can take care of this for you.
We recommend that, whatever route you choose, you at least think about getting started today. December 2016 seems far into the future, but, trust us, the next 16 months will fly by.

The FDA has an overview of the rules in Q&A format here.
The CFR final rule can be found here.

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