How To Compare Recipes Side-by-Side

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How To Compare Recipes Side-by-Side

Often times our customers ask us how they can review and compare recipes side-by-side. One of the easily overlooked but often helpful features in Genesis R&D and Food Processor is the Tile Vertical option under the View tab. This lets you view recipes, ingredients, Nutrition Facts Labels, and other documents side-by-side.

Some of the more common uses are for:

  • Comparing recipes
  • Watching how recipe changes affect the label (Genesis R&D)
  • Watching how daily intake changes affect the Spreadsheet report (Food Processor)

How to view two documents side-by-side

  1. First, make sure you’re using the correct workspace view. Go to Preferences > General > Workspace view and select Multi-document.
  2. Open two recipes. Your initial window will look like this, with only one recipe shown at a time and accessed by its tab:
    Genesis R&D with two Recipes open
  3. Now go to View and select Tile Vertically.

    Your screen will look like this, with the open recipes displayed side-by-side:

    View two recipes side-by-side in Genesis R&D

  4. From here you can compare the two recipes.
  5. You can do the same thing with a recipe and its label. Again, with the recipe and label view open, select Tile Vertically. You will see this:View the recipe and the label side-by-side in Genesis R&D
  6. From here, you can watch how the label updates when you make changes to the recipe.

For more helpful tips on comparing data register for our upcoming webinar: Ingredient Data Deep Dive. During this webinar, we will discuss various methods for reviewing the nutrient data that makes up your ingredients.