How Genesis R&D Supplements Helps with BE Disclosure

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How Genesis R&D Supplements Helps with BE Disclosure

Within the Genesis R&D Supplements program, there are options for helping you track and report any bioengineered ingredients and formulas. We suggest using Groups and the Percent Organic option. (Check out our blog on the new bioengineering disclosure laws.)


The process works like this:

  1. Create a group.
  2. Assign your ingredients to the Group.
  3. Filter your searches by inclusion or exclusion of the Groups.

In the example below, the Green Tea ingredient is open. Select “Certified Non-BE” from the available groups (or, if it has not yet been created, type in “Certified Non-BE” and create the Group.)

Now, when you create a new formula, you can filter ingredients either in the search or in the Formula creation window by inclusion in the Certified Non-BE Group, like so:

Then, you can create a new formula Group for all formulas that contain only certified non-BE ingredients.

In the same manner, you could create other Groups for similar purposes. Perhaps “Under Review” or “Pending Certification” or “Needs BE seal.” Whatever is most helpful.


Any Groups an ingredient or formula belongs to will show up on that record’s report. 

Using Percent Organic to Identify BE Status

Some food retail businesses and certification bodies (Oregon Tilth is one example) use the “Organic” umbrella to include any non-BE items. If this is true for you, the Organic Properties feature may be useful.

You can enter an organic percentage at the Ingredient level, and set target organic percent amounts at the Formula level. The program will automatically calculate the total Organic Percentage and indicate that at the bottom of your screen.

If the target amount is met or exceeded, the percent will appear in green.

If not, the percent will be shown in red.

Use this data to help you decide whether to reformulate your food or to label it as bioengineered.

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