Genesis R&D Version 11.1 + New FDA Nutrition Facts Labels

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Genesis R&D Version 11.1 + New FDA Nutrition Facts Labels

There is so much going on with this release, it just might be our most significant release ever. We’re excited to share all of the changes with you! The most prominent change to the program is the introduction of the updated Nutrition and Supplement Facts regulations and format changes. Additionally, we’ve also worked a lot behind the scenes to make sure our database is growing and the program runs smoothly.

Plus, our marketing team has put together a three-part webinar series focusing on the different aspects of the label changes and how we have incorporated these changes into Genesis R&D. (To view the webinar series, click here.)

New Nutrition Facts Labels

New FDA Nutrition Facts Label

The new FDA Nutrition Facts Label formats have been incorporated into Genesis R&D and are set as the default for U.S. labels. When you create a new formula or recipe, the first label you will see is in the new format.

Recipes or formulas created prior to this release will open with the label format you previously selected for each recipe. You can easily modify existing Recipe records to show new label formats.

Updated label formats include Standard, Tabular, Linear, Child, Pregnant and Lactating, Dual Column (previously called “Dual Declaration”), Aggregate, Simplified, and Supplement.

Note: Both the preexisting and new label formats will be available in Genesis R&D as we transition through effective and compliance date timelines. The format options will include the appropriate regulations for both. Be mindful of your labeling and remember, our Support team is on hand to help you out.

The Supplement Facts format also incorporates the larger, bolder declaration of Calories, additional formatting, and nutrient changes.

Nutrient Changes

Dietary Fiber

With the new dietary fiber definition, we have added 6 more nutrient fields. As a result, there are now 9 total fiber-related nutrients:

New Fiber Fields for reporting Dietary Fiber on the new labels
Data that meets the new labeling definition of dietary fiber is listed in the following three fields and reported on the label as Dietary Fiber, Soluble Fiber, and/or Insoluble Fiber, respectively. This data is part of the Total Carbohydrate value and can contribute to the total Calories.

  • Dietary Fiber (2016)
  • Soluble Fiber (2016)
  • Insoluble Fiber (2016)

New Fiber Fields for tracking and reporting other dietary fiber
Data that does not meet the new dietary fiber definition is listed in the following three fields. This data is not reported as Dietary Fiber on the label but is part of the Total Carbohydrate value and can contribute to the total Calories.

  • Other Dietary Fiber (2016)
  • Other Soluble Fiber (2016)
  • Other Insoluble Fiber (2016)

Existing/Retained Fiber Fields
Data that meets the 1990 NLEA definition of dietary fiber is listed in the following three fields and reported on that label as Dietary Fiber, Soluble Fiber, and/or Insoluble Fiber, respectively. “Total” has been added to the name to differentiate the fields from the new fiber fields, but otherwise, the fields function the same as before.

  • Total Dietary Fiber
  • Total Soluble Fiber
  • Total Insoluble Fiber

Added Sugars

We have populated Added Sugar values for additional foods where Added Sugar content was provided by suppliers and/or where Added Sugars could be determined by information provided (e.g. ingredient lists).  More Added Sugars data will be included in the database as it is made available by sources.

  • For foods with naturally occurring Total Sugars, an Added Sugars value of zero was assigned.
  • For foods and ingredients that meet the FDA definition of Added Sugars (such as sugar, syrups, honey, molasses, fruit juice concentrates*, etc.), Total Sugars is equal to Added Sugars.

*Per FDA definition, fruit juice concentrates may or may not be considered Added Sugars depending on their application in product formulas. Use the Spreadsheet report in Genesis R&D to review how data is reported.

Additional Updates

Nutrition Database

We are continually updating and improving our foods and ingredients database, ensuring data accuracy. The database updates for this version include:

  • Data has been populated for the new fiber fields as appropriate.
    1. Dietary Fiber (2016), Soluble Fiber (2016) and Insoluble Fiber (2016)
      These fields are used to report Dietary Fiber on the new FDA label. Initially they have been populated with dietary fiber data for primarily plain fruits, vegetables and grains. Data for mixed foods and approved isolated fibers will be filled in as we receive more information from the FDA and our sources. We have included zeroes where applicable.
    2. Other Dietary Fiber (2016), Other Soluble Fiber (2016) and Other Insoluble Fiber (2016)
      These fields are used to track dietary fiber that does not meet the new FDA label definition. These fields are mostly blank in the software for now, until we receive more information from the FDA. The Other Fiber fields have been added to assist with tracking/documenting all dietary fiber that is added to foods. This documentation is required by the new labeling regulations.
  • MyPlate values for U.S. foods were updated to align with the 2015 Dietary Guidelines.
  • The latest USDA database (SR-28) has been added. Highlights include the following:
    • Sodium and key nutrient values were monitored for key foods and changed as needed.
    • Data was added or updated for breakfast cereals, Greek yogurt, low-sodium sausages, smoothies, meat substitutes and gluten-free products.
  • Many food items have been added and updated, including data for the following manufacturers/brands and restaurants. (Discontinued items have been removed.)
    • New/Updated Brand items:A.1.; Aquafaba; Amy’s; Applegate Farms; Athenos; Back to Nature; Bakers; Bernardi; Betty Crocker; Bob’s Red Mill; Boca Foods; Breakstone’s; Bull’s-Eye; California Pizza Kitchen (retail) ; Capri Sun; Cascadian Farm; Chobani; Claussen; Coca-Cola; Cool Whip; Core Power; Corn Nuts; Country Time; Cracker Barrel Cheeses; Crystal Light; Dasani; DNI Group; Earthbound Farm; Eden; Edensoy; Ener-G; Enfagrow; Enfamil; Enjoy Life; Entomo Farms; Fage; Ferrero; Fiber One; Fuze; General Mills; Glaceau; Gold Medal; Good Seasons; Great Lakes Gelatin; Green Giant; Grey Poupon; Honest Tea; Jell-O; Jenny Craig; Jet-Puffed; Knudsen Dairy; Kool-Aid; Kraft; Kraft Singles; LARABAR; Maxwell House International; McCormick; Mead Johnson; Minute MAID; Minute Rice; Muir Glen; Nabisco; Nancy’s; Nature Valley; Odwalla; Old El Paso; Oscar Mayer; Philadelphia; Planters; Polly-O; Postum; Powerade; Roland; Shake’N Bake; Simply Orange; Stove Top; Sunny D; Totino’s; Trader Joe’s; Vega; Wallaby; ZICO.
    • Updated and/or new Restaurant items:Andy’s Frozen Custard; Arby’s; Baja Fresh; Baskin Robbins; Blimpie’s; Boston Market; Checkers; Chicken Express; Chipotle Mexican Grill; Chuck E. Cheese; Church’s Chicken; CiCi’s Pizza; Cinnabon; Cold Stone Creamery; Del Taco; Domino’s; Dunkin’ Donuts; Einstein Bros. Bagel’s; Fazoli’s; Fire Mountain Grill; Five Guys; Freshens Fresh Food Studio; Golden Corral Buffet & Grill; In-N-Out Burger; Jersey Mike’s; Jimmy John’s; Johnny Rockets; Krispy Kreme; Manhattan Bagel; Mrs. Fields Cookies; Noah’s Bagels; NrGize; Olive Garden; On The Border; Orange Julius; Uno Pizzeria & Grill; P.F. Chang’s; Panda Express; Papa John’s; Papa Murphy’s; Popeyes; Pret A Manger; Rally’s; Red Robin; Round Table Pizza; Ryan’s Grill; Sbarro; Schlotzsky’s; Taco Del Mar; Tim Hortons; Wendy’s; Whataburger; Zaxby’s.

Bug Fixes

Our development team has directed much effort and care applying the regulatory changes, implementing new features, and improving functionality. To view a list of release notes, click here.