Genesis R&D Supplements Version 1.4 Release

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Genesis R&D Supplements Version 1.4 Release

This Genesis R&D Supplements update gives users improved speed and incorporates many new features. This blog will cover the most relevant new features including:

  • Percent organics calculations
  • Ordering promoted components
  • Ability to show inactive components from formula blends
  • Allow search by Supplier in the Open screen
  • And more! Check out the release notes here.

To see these features in action, register for our upcoming webinar, Genesis R&D Supplements 1.4.

Percent Organics Calculations

Users can enter an organic percentage at the Ingredient level, and set target organic percent amounts at the Formula level. The program will automatically calculate the total Organic Percentage amount for the formula, from the ingredients entered, and indicate that at the bottom of your screen. Click here to watch the tutorial.

For more information on using the Organic Properties feature and to learn about organic labeling requirements, check out our Organic Labeling Requirements blog post.

Ordering Promoted Components

Now you can move the promoted component higher or lower in the list of items on your label. To do so, click on the up/down arrows to move the component up or down on the label. Watch the tutorial.

Reminder: Promoting a component will cause it to be listed separately on the label, instead of indented under its ingredient.

Display Inactive Components (from Blends) in Statements

When you enter a Formula into another Formula, this creates what we call a “Blend.” Before this version, inactive ingredients from a blend would not appear in the Ingredient Statement. With the latest version, you now have the ability to display all inactive ingredients. Watch the tutorial.

Allow search by Supplier in the Open screen

Supplier Name can now be used as a search term.