Genesis R&D Supplements 1.5 Release

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Genesis R&D Supplements 1.5 Release

The latest update for Genesis R&D® Supplements — version 1.5 — has been released with behind-the-scenes maintenance and the much-anticipated database import tool for ingredient and formula data.

The new import wizard walks you through the steps of importing your ingredient and formulation data from an existing source file, such as an Excel spreadsheet or delimited text file, into Genesis R&D Supplements, saving time and greatly reducing transcription errors. The import wizard allows users to import several different file types including, Excel Files (XLS, XLSX, CSV, TXT) or ESHA Files (EXL and EXLX).

The basic steps are:

  1. Review your source file
  2. Map the fields
  3. Click “Import”

To see this new feature in action, watch our latest webinar, Genesis R&D Supplements 1.5 Overview, or check out the tutorials below.

Tutorial: How to Import Ingredient Data Files

Tutorial: How to Import Formulation Data Files


For more information, you can visit the user manual pages for Importing an Ingredient and Importing a Recipe.