Genesis R&D Update: Single-Ingredient Added Sugar Labeling Option Added

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Genesis R&D Update: Single-Ingredient Added Sugar Labeling Option Added

On June 18, the FDA published the final guidance on labeling single-ingredient sugar products to clear up confusion about this farm bill text:

“…not require that the nutrition facts label of any single-ingredient sugar, honey, agave, or syrup, including maple syrup, that is packaged and offered for sale as a single-ingredient food bear the declaration “Includes Xg Added Sugars.”

Just one month later, we implemented the new regulations and added the new label display option into Genesis R&D Foods.

In accordance with the FDA rules, Genesis R&D Foods now gives you the ability to hide “Includes Xg Added Sugars” text and show only the percent Daily Value (%DV) of Added Sugars, immediately followed by a dagger symbol leading to an explanatory footnote inside the Nutrition Facts. Note: The labeling of dried cranberries and cranberry juices remains the same as was set out in the draft guidance.

The following instructions show you how to label single-ingredient sugar products in Genesis R&D.


  1. Create your Recipe. (In this example, the Recipe just includes table sugar, with a serving size of 1 teaspoon.)
  2. View the Label. When the label first appears, you will see a line for Added Sugars with the name, quantitative value, and %DV. Like this:Supplement Facts - Total Sugars
  3. Click Edit Label Select Format Options.
  4. Expand U.S. and scroll to Added Sugars and expand it.Label Settings - Show Single Ingredient
  5. Check Show Single Ingredient Symbol and Footnote
  6. Click OK. It will look something like this:
    Nutrition Label - No Added Sugar line
  7. “Added Sugars” and its quantitative value are automatically hidden, and the footnote appears.


This tutorial includes a video walk-through on Added Sugars labeling for sweetened cranberry products and single-ingredient sugar products: