Genesis R&D Supplements 1.6 Feature Overview

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Genesis R&D Supplements 1.6 Feature Overview

Version 1.6, the latest update to the Genesis R&D Supplements software, is an important one, with several user-requested features including:

  • File Attachments
  • Label Claim Overage Calculator
  • Formula Column for Unit Weight
  • An Importable Ingredient Database

This blog will touch on each of those briefly. For an in-depth look at all the new enhancements, please register for the Genesis R&D Supplements 1.6 Feature Overview webinar.


Genesis R&D Supplements now gives you the ability to attach any type of file to the Ingredient or Formula records, which allows for a variety of recordkeeping and auditing possibilities. Anything attached at the Ingredient level will also be attached to any Formula that uses that Ingredient.

Label Claim Overage Calculator

Per user request, the “Label Claim” overage calculation method has been introduced as an alternative method of determining potency loss. In the Label Claim method, the overage is a percentage of the desired label claim amount and the per serving amount is calculated to take that into consideration. The Per Serving calculation, on the other hand, applies the overage percentage to the per serving amount to get the desired label claim. Both methods are acceptable. To change your program default from the “Per Serving” overage calculation to the new “Label Claim” overage calculation, please contact Support.

New Formula Column for Unit Weight

This column on your Formula screen shows the weight of a single unit (scoop, tablet, capsule, etc.). The column is available on the screen when the serving size is more than one unit.

Ingredient Database

This update includes an optional, importable file of 1,359 ingredients pre-populated with nutrient and component data. Once the file is imported, users can then build their formulas with the included ingredients. Please contact Support for the database file and review this tutorial for instructions on how to import a database.