Food Processor Updated to Include New Reports, Food Data

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Food Processor Updated to Include New Reports, Food Data

The Food Processor version 11.6 delivers some exciting new features, including one highly requested by users, and a massive database update. This blog will cover the most important additions/changes, but if you want a full list of updates and bug fixes, see the release notes.

The FNDDS Database

Our nutrition team has been working diligently to incorporate the FNDDS (Food and Nutrient Database for Dietary Studies) foods into the Food Processor database. The FNDDS is a database from the USDA (which means you will be able to search for these foods by their government codes) and is made up of 23,800 foods commonly consumed by Americans. With the addition of the FNDDS foods, the Food Processor’s database now contains more than 100,000 items! For more information on the FNDDS, click here.

Menu Plan Reports for Cycle Menus

Since the Food Processor’s last update, our top request from users was for Menu Plan reports that account for entire cycles, not just for individual days. So, this version incorporates several new Cycle Menu Reports.
Available reports for a Menu Plan Cycle now include:

  • Spreadsheet
  • Multi-column
  • Bar Graph
  • Single Nutrient
  • Calories and Fats

In the new Cycle Spreadsheet (shown below), you can see the complete nutrient breakdown for all the items plus the adjusted averages for your collections, meals, days and full cycle.

The Single Nutrient report shows what percent of the total amount of individual nutrients each food item and/or meal (for all days in the cycle) contributes.
The Multi-column, Bar Graph and Calories & Fats reports display daily averages.


You can now copy a food item from one Person record and paste it into another.
To do so:

  1. Right-click on an item, meal or day and select Copy
  2. Open a different Person document
  3. Right-click in the Diet Recall window and select Paste.
  4. You can copy/paste entire days, entire meals or individual food items.

Note: If you are copying an individual food item from within a day or meal, you must paste it into a day or meal.

Additional Database Updates

We are continually updating and improving our foods and ingredients database, ensuring data accuracy. The database updates for this version include:

  • Some updated dietary fiber ingredients, based on June 2018 FDA guidance: mixed plant cell wall fibers, arabinoxylan, alginate, inulin and inulin-type fructans, high amylose starch (resistant starch 2), galactooligosaccharide, polydextrose, resistant maltodextrin/dextrin,
  • New and updated information for these brands: ADA Valley Gourmet, Aidells, Annie’s Homegrown, Arrowhead Mills, Avena Foods, Backerhaus Veit, Bel Brands, Bell Plantation, Beyond Meat, Campbell’s Food Service, Cappello’s, Dean Distributors, DeBoles, DFS Gourmet Specialties – Chef Shamy Gourmet, Dream, Earth’s Best, Elmhurst Milked, Escalon Premier Brands, Everfresh, Explore Cuisine, Gallo Salame, Golden Island Jerky, Hain Celestial, Health Valley Foods, Health Warrior, Hidden Valley, Hillshire Farm, InnovASIAN Cuisine, Just Inc., Karoun Dairies, Little Brownie Bakers, MaraNatha, McCall Farms, Nomad Nutrition, Nutritional Medicinals – Functional Formularies, Optimum Nutrition, Parent’s Choice infant formulas – Walmart, Perrigo Nutritionals, Plainville Farms, Quest Nutrition, Rudi’s, Sager Creek Vegetable Co, Schar, Solace Nutrition, Soy Vay, Starkist, SunButter, Tabatchnick, Taste Masters, Terra, Thrive Life, Tofurky, TrailFork, Vans Food’s, Well Beginnings infant formula – Walgreen’s, Wild Friends.
    Supremo FoodsWill-Pak.
  • Updated information for these restaurants: Boston Market, Chicken Express, Cinnabon, Del Taco, Dunkin Donuts, Fazoli’s, Freshens Food Studio, Golden Corral, Jersey Mike’s, Johnny Rockets, Olive Garden, Papa John’s, Pret A Manger, Red Robin, Schlotzsky’s, Tim Hortons, Uno Chicago Grill, Wendys.