FDA Releases Guidance Documents for Fiber, Added Sugars, RACCs

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FDA Releases Guidance Documents for Fiber, Added Sugars, RACCs

In a Press Release issued March 1, 2018, the FDA announced the release of several guidance documents on dietary fiber and other key issues related to the new Nutrition Facts labeling laws, and there are a few important changes.

Dietary Fiber

The definition for dietary fiber established in the Nutrition and Supplement Facts Label Final Rule document (May 2016) was meant to ensure that only beneficial dietary fiber (fiber with a proven positive impact on human health) could be listed as fiber on the nutrition facts panel.

In the newly released guidance documents, the FDA said they will consider the results of research studies involving participants who have a disease that might be positively impacted by the consumption of beneficial fiber (i.e. diabetes) when deciding whether or not a specific type of dietary fiber is beneficial. This is a change from the draft science review guidance which initially only factored in studies based on “healthy” individuals (without disease).

Added Sugars

The FDA is now opening a comment period to discuss using the “†” symbol on certain maple syrup and honey products to clarify for consumers that these are pure products without additional Added Sugars (such as corn syrup).

RACCs and Serving Size

The FDA has also issued final guidance on the RACCs and a small entity compliance guide for the Serving Size final rule.

Guidance Documents