FAQ: Why does Genesis R&D include a linear footnote when FDA does not?

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FAQ: Why does Genesis R&D include a linear footnote when FDA does not?

Question: The FDA label examples do not show the Standard Footnote in the linear format but Genesis R&D Foods includes footnote options for the linear label format. Why? 

The FDA regulations for industry say:

In response to concerns of products that have significant size and space constraints we are removing the requirement for the footnote statements in § 101.9(j)(13)(ii)(C) for the tabular format for small packages as shown in § 101.9(j)(13)(ii)(A)(1) and the linear format as shown in § 101.9(j)(13)(ii)(A)(2), however, the abbreviated footnote “% DV = % Daily Value” may be used on these packages.

The “may be used” is key here. The regulations require the Standard Footnote for the Standard (full) label, but not for the tabular or linear labels, and so, the FDA’s examples show linear and tabular labels without the footnote in the regulation document found here.

To accommodate this, Genesis R&D lets you hide the Standard Footnote. When you do so, it will be replaced with the “%DV = %Daily Value” footnote, which you may also hide.

To do so:

  1. With your Recipe open, choose View Label from the Recipe ribbon. The first time you open a Label, the program will display the Standard format with the standard footnote.
  2. Right-click and select Edit Label (or choose Edit Label from the Recipe ribbon).
  3. For style, select Linear and click OK. The standard footnote shows up at the bottom.
  4. Again, go to Edit Label.
  5. This time, go to Format Options and check “Hide Standard Footnote.” %DV = % Daily Value will appear in its place.
  6. To hide this footnote, go to Edit Label > Format Options and expand U.S.
  7. Check “Hide %DV Footnote.” Neither footnote appears on your label.