ESHA Reviews 2018: Most Watched Food Processor Videos

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ESHA Reviews 2018: Most Watched Food Processor Videos

Thousands of you visited our eLearning Center last year to take advantage of our educational resources — cheat sheets, ebooks, tutorials, webinars and more — and we thought you might be interested in revisiting 2018’s most frequently accessed videos, just in case there’s something you missed or would like to revisit.

Here are the top Food Processor videos watched in 2018:


Creating a Recipe

This tutorial walks through the steps for creating a Recipe and covers a few of the Recipe Analysis reports available.


Creating Menu Plans and Cycle Menus

The Menu Plan module allows users to create menu plans and cycle menus for school cafeterias, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and more. This tutorial goes over the basics of creating menus using the Menu Plan module.


Food Processor Preferences

This tutorial goes over the more popular and useful preferences available in Food Processor.



Food Processor Overview

This webinar covers all of the features of Food Processor including Person creation, Recipe creation, meal planning, recommendations, weight plans, reports, and more.


Adding Foods and Ingredients to the ESHA database

During this webinar, we demonstrated how to add new foods and ingredients to your food and nutrition database. In addition, we discussed a variety of search methods and display options to help you work with the ingredients.